Sexuality Issues

Saturday, February 11, 2006

When he says 'no' to sex

Most women think that when their partners deny sex is their fault. That's not true, it can be for many reasons, so find out why.

If your man denies you sex, it is not uncommon to be left worrying about whether he is having an affair or wants to end the relationship. The truth is that although you may experience these feelings and thoughts, it's unlikely that his loss of desire, or ability to maintain an erection, is caused by a loss of interest in you, your looks or your relationship.
Most men suffer from erection problems when they are stressed out, tired or under pressure to perform in some way. In fact, the problem is more likely to originate from a demanding boss or heavy workload, than from you.

Tiredness and overindulgence
If your partner has been working hard and trying to meet deadlines, the tiredness and worry can cause problems in focusing on lovemaking. Other causes of temporary erection loss can be overindulgence in alcohol, or a heavy meal.
When this happens, stimulation during love play will not cause or sustain an erection. This can explain the occasional loss of erection, which nearly all men suffer from at some time during their life.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Pre-Play Foreplay

Here goes another hot tip to spice up things a bit. It's important to find different and spontaneous ways to add something extra to ypur sex like so it doesn't become a bore...
Why wait to be in your partner's arms to initiate a sexual romp? Let the foreplay begin on your drive home. Call your lover and start telling a hot story filled with sensual and sexy details about how you felt all day thinking about having a passionate, steamy encounter with them. Above all, express that you can hardly wait to see and touch them. It will get your partner excited before you ever lay eyes on them. Inquire about the clothing your partner is wearing; you might even ask for all clothing to be removed by the time you get home! After all, what are cell phones for, if not to initiate important appointments? Use yours to indulge in some pre-foreplay and you'll make a sexy night together last even longer.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Book Review: Asia's Sex Trap

This is a great book that shows the world the reality of prostituition in Asia. I personally recommend this is book, cause it show all the secrets behind the cities and tourists that visit it.
Southeast asia's booming sex industry has been described by numerous authors and journalists, but the outside world has paid scant attention to the same problem in South Asia, where hundreds of thousands of young women and men are trapped in squalid brothels in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.
Part of the reason could be that it is mainly an internal problem. Apart from paedophiles in Sri Lanka, few Western tourists are involved in South Asia's sex industry, unlike Thailand and the Philippines where there are many. Also, in countries such as Pakistan, official tolerance of prostitution is zero, which means that prostitutes are usually well-hidden. Only Mumbai's sleazy Falkland Road and Kamathipura and some areas of Calcutta have an open commercial sex scene.
This makes the tragedy even worse, and, as the authors of this remarkable book point out, the South Asian sex industry involves more children than perhaps anywhere else in the world.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Inspire Sensual Play

Sometimes loving your partner and feeling atracted is not enough to get things really exciting. have fun with these ideas to spice things up.

1.Read erotic fiction or prose together.
2.Act on each other's fantasies.
3.Watch an erotic movie together.
4.Play a sensual board game.
5.Create a mock lingerie photo shoot. If you are comfortable, use a Polaroid, video camera or webcam for more realism.
6.Study up on new sexual positions you'd like to try with your partner. Get a few index cards, and write one idea on each card. Every time you want to try a new position, mail your partner the card. Or, leave it in a private place where they will find it.
7.Visit an erotic toy store, either online or nearby, and talk about different things you may want to purchase in the future and why.

8.Create a sensual kit that you both may use during any love play time. Fill it with items you would both be comfortable using, such as: tea lights, feather, massage lotion, blindfold, silk scarf, rose petals, camera, etc.
9.Experiment with food. Take a special trip to the grocery store together. Only purchase things you plan on using that night. Alternatively, you could raid your kitchen for items you would like to use.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Adult Movies Women Can Enjoy

Guys, if you want your girl to enjoy porn videos as much as you do, but don't know where to start, take a look at ht list below. Trust me, if your girl is not used to watch adult movies, these will make her interested.
1- Insatiable Stars: Marilyn Chambers, Jessie St. JamesThis is a movie about a beautiful woman who fulfills all of her sexual fantasies. Of course, this may serve to inspire your girl to get a little nastier with you, and perhaps even invite one of her sexy friends into the mix.
2- Justine Stars: Justine, Aria GiovanniIf your girl is interested in watching girl-on-girl action, or, better yet, is thinking about calling up a friend to join in on the fun, this movie could give her a few pointers as to what to do and how to do it right.
3- Zazel Stars: Sasha Vinni, Anna RomeoAlthough this one is quite artsy, the women in it are hot and the actual fantasy scenes will do a good job of turning you and your woman on. Give it a look.
4- Caribbean Undercover Stars: Tera Patrick, Caroline CageAs they're being chased in the tropics by smugglers, a couple makes time for some hot, steamy sex. The scenes, both sexual and scenic, are awesome.
5- Touched For The First Time Stars: Jessica Drake, Asia CarreraAs Jessica creates a sculpture of a naked man, he suddenly comes to life and they engage in some of the craziest sex she's ever imagined. You may get some great ideas here.
6- E-Love Wanted Stars: Natalia Wood, Elizabeth LawrenceAfter meeting on the Internet, a man and woman decide to meet in a park, where, as you can imagine, they begin engaging in all kinds of oral and vaginal sex.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Great Sex

Sex is a woderful thing and to get the most out of it, we need to pay attention to some secrets and tips. Read on and enjoy it!
Fantastic foreplay, tempting tongue work, new positions and deeper orgasms - kick-start your sex life so that it's not just good, but great.The secret of incredible sex is to start again from scratch. If your sex life is stuck in a rut, break your sexual fatigue by throwing out all your preconceptions, banishing bad bedroom habits and learning how to make love again. Talk about it, play with it, experiment with sex to find out what you now like, as opposed to what made you tick when you first got together. And keep the passion alive by adding in new excitements and sexual surprises that may seem a bit wild but will get your juices flowing.
Find fulfilling foreplay
First try this Tantric sex tip for getting physically and emotionally in synchrony. Sit opposite each other, very close, as if you were about to kiss. As one of you breathes out, the other breathes in, so you inhale each other's breath.
Then swap dirty dreams. Ask him to say out loud a sentence of his sexual fantasy and then you say the next sentence. Move the story on one sentence at a time - and as you get to the physical bits, act out what you're describing.